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Power Options

We have a variety of stylish and elegant power stations witch allow you to easily access you network and pug in any new device quickly and easily. This simple addition will cut down on maintenance and install costs over the lifetime of the furniture.


Assemble Reveal®

The Assemble family of desktop power and data solutions gets a new member; Reveal. It is designed to have no impact on the work surface. That means no holes to drill or cut. This makes Reveal the perfect solution for executive workstations and boardrooms. Hidden away until needed, the Reveal presents itself on a sturdy ball bearing track and locks into place. One touch operation lets you slide it back into stow position.



Introducing an edgy solution to desktop power and data needs that takes your business where you want to go… even if it’s just from one room to the next. Byrne’s portable convenience outlets bring new flexibility to the table, because they don’t require cutouts to work surfaces. These power and data centers attach to the edge, fitting surface tops of varying thicknesses.


Axil X®

Axil X is the new horizontal-mount desktop accessory, bringing power and data right to your fingertips. Axil delivers a fresh look in new colors, but with all the same great capabilities. For clean design and simple installation.



Think we’re hiding something? You may be right. Ellora is a simple, yet stylish way to bring power and data up to the work surface. Building on the popular aesthetics of the Byrne Mho line with anodized aluminum constructions, Ellora’s smart design keeps cable clutter out of sight by allowing use while the lid is shut.


Docking Station for iPod®/iPhone4®

The power is in the palm of your hand… DeskWorx now makes it easier and more convenient than ever to charge, sync and listen to your iPod or iPhone4 with the Docking Station. Available in many of our Power/Data Centers, accepts all iPhones4 and most iPods without the need for pesky, easy-to-lose adapters. Once docked, iPhone4’s and iPods will charge and also have the ability to sync with a connected computer. Connect external speakers or headphones to either of the docks two 3.5mm audio jacks to get the most of your device. All required cables are included.



Power to the people. And with our new M2X power data solution that means a whole lotta power to a whole lotta people. Designed for high density user areas, the back-to-back configuration is ideal for applications that require additional capacity with a minimal foot print.


Mini Port®

Need a better way to connect for business? Our updated Miniport is the solution. Now with fluid one touch action, updated profile, and improved functionality, it’s available in soft touch finishes and molded colors.
*** Also available in multiple in-line units. Please call for information!



You never know where the next big idea might come from, so everyone should have the ability to power up and participate. MS2 is a side-by-side solution for conference tables that provides access to power and data from both sides. And with MS2, power and data is totally concealable thanks to its one-touch access in an all-new, streamlined design. Scalable and customizable with our full line of technology accessories – the same used in our Mho – MS2 offers a generous array of options to suit your needs and keep meetings collaborative.



Presenting an open and shut case for good business: The next generation of flexible desktop power and data solutions for multi-media conference room settings. Byrne’s retractable Mho2 convenience outlets are designed with one touch double doors that function as cable management portals that close while in use.



The TPS-19-1U is the product of choice when no power options are required on the work surface. They are small enough to fit with in the cable track yet versatile enough to mount into any 19” Rack Mount Enclosure. Our power bars are surge protected and available in 15Amp or 20Amp with straight plug or twist lock. Please call for more options.

Deskworx designs and manufactures quality Furniture System Solutions, tailored to fit individual client needs. Deskworx is an in-house branded solution designed by DL Custom which uses a defined set of components that can be combined and incorporated in a variety of unique solutions depending on your project requirements. This helps us to ensure quality and allows us to efficiently produce parts on demand.

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