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Deskworx Linear Benching is a system for different office zones and applications such as team or project focused work; it can be used for desk sharing or more of a classic workstation – it is a touch down point in the office space. The Linear Framework’s interior structure provides strength and support to all internal / external components. The continuous cable system and work top allow for uninterrupted desk top space giving added stations a simple but efficient method of controlling your technology. The DeskWorx system is designed to be easily reconfigured by the people who use it. The benching systems central cable tray is complete with three lift out infill panels to access the power / data cable tray.

Here, the team’s workplace is the focal point instead of the individual workplace. It motivates and inspires. A clear structure of table tops and supports with substantial style but without unnecessary details.


Deskworx designs and manufactures quality Furniture System Solutions, tailored to fit individual client needs. Deskworx is an in-house branded solution designed by DL Custom which uses a defined set of components that can be combined and incorporated in a variety of unique solutions depending on your project requirements. This helps us to ensure quality and allows us to efficiently produce parts on demand.

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