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Deskworx is manufactured by DLCustom, located in Markham, Ontario Deskworx has developed a strong team of professionals to service client needs pertaining to industries such as financial, command and control, utilities, information technology, public safety 911, telecommunications and point of sale. We encourage you to contact our sales team for assistance in creating a workstation from your own unique vision.

About Us

Deskworx designs and manufactures quality furniture system solutions, tailored to fit individual client needs.

With 40+ years of experience in technology and furniture design, Deskworx is dedicated to its’ clientele – understanding our clients environment and subsequent needs. We take pride in our products which embrace both modern esthetics and ergonomics so that you can feel the same way about your work space.

Deskworx works closely with a variety of Leading Companies, Business Development Professionals, Project Managers, Interior Designers, Architects, and Engineers from a spectrum of Industries.

The Deskworx series is designed to maximize both visual and verbal communication between team members and the technology that they use. With up front access to network connections and power, you won’t waste your time rearranging your equipment.


Deskworx is a full service manufacturing and design firm. We implement custom solutions that are managed and evaluate against client needs from product design to shipping and installation. Most importantly, we ensure that the goals and objectives are accomplished on time and on budget.

Deskworx designs and manufactures quality Furniture System Solutions, tailored to fit individual client needs. Deskworx is an in-house branded solution designed by DL Custom which uses a defined set of components that can be combined and incorporated in a variety of unique solutions depending on your project requirements. This helps us to ensure quality and allows us to efficiently produce parts on demand.

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Address- 7250 Victoria Park Av Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 2M5


Tel- 1.855.475.0275